We’re a small, boutique consultancy, forged out of working with large, national organisations across the last couple of decades.

We fix things.

We recover programmes and projects.

We recover failing organisations.

We set them back on track through providing a direction for all to work towards.

We work with you and your customers to uncover your alignment and we roll-up our sleeves and help you implement a better, smoother way of working.

GoalWrangler Platform

We are currently developing a SaaS solution to enable organisations and companies of any size, in any sector to manage their goals better.

It will complement your existing PMO tool (if you have one) rather than replace it. It will co-exist with your existing project management tools.

It will allow for quick identification of misalignment across the organisation. This solution will be cloud-based and available on a user subscription and enterprise licensing model. It’s based on formal methods that we’ve proven time again with our clients across a number of sectors.

Let us know if this is of interest to you.

GoalWrangler Consultancy

We started with a boutique consultancy, formed to help you navigate aligning your organisation.

This takes time and effort. We ask difficult questions; those questions that force you to reflect. If you haven’t squirmed in your seat by the end of our engagement, then we probably haven’t done our job properly. Either that or your organisation is world-class with zero deficiencies. And we haven’t encountered one of those yet.

Our focus is in 3 parts:


For design and change to be successful, they have to operate in a controlled space


We use an integrative approach to designing businesses and organisations.


Change should be encouraged, nurtured and managed to ensure that design flows through to adoption.

GoalWrangler Concepts

Our work is based on formal architecture and portfolio methods, but adapted from recognising what the large organisations were getting wrong.

Congruence is a key part of our culture, our behaviour and our activities. It’s part of our DNA and we return to it as a central concept for everything we do. We say as we do, we practice what we preach and we use our own tools, our own techniques so that we can better understand the experience we suggest to our clients.